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CATSYS offers a wide range of innovative and effective IT solutions for small and large businesses.


Datto covers all of your business continuity & disaster recovery needs. Protect servers, files, PCs, and SaaS applications.  With Datto , we can help to customize a solution tailored to your business’ needs.

Datto Logo - Datto protects essential business data for tens of thousands of the world's fastest growing companies, delivering uninterrupted access to data
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We all know there are new threats that surface everyday, and everyone has been a victim of viruses, malware, and spyware at some point in their life. We offer and implement the best in cyber-security technology to help keep your computer and network protected.


Many people continue to overlook the inherent security risks posed by joining the broadband revolution. A priority must be given to implementing a robust & secure protection system for your business. Data loss or confidential data being compromised is an all too real risk if the proper systems are not put in place.

Cloud IT Security Illustration - IT Support includes keep your data safe and secure
IT Cloud Backups - IT Solutions means backup continuity 24/7


Catsys can implement a network management system to identify and monitor all critical networking equipment. We can also provide statistics on network bandwidth, vital port monitoring and alerts when thresholds have been exceeded. Notifications can be automatically sent via smtp, text message and or email alert.


Blackpoint is a robust cybersecurity ecosystem focused on effective threat detection and active response. Blackpoint ensures that all facets of security work in tandem to support an integrated, streamlined cyber strategy. Combining network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security, we detect and neutralize cyberthreats in their preliminary stages to provide true, 24/7 defense.


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Catsys is focused on helping our clients achieve their strategic and tactical business goals by improving their position through managed IT infrastructure.